How to setup PC into a WiFi transmitter

Your computer can fully transform into a WiFi transmitter with an Internet connection is available via wired network (LAN) or WiFi network.

Equipment needed turns computer into a WiFi transmitter:

-The computer is connected to the Internet through a wired network (LAN) or wireless (WLAN, WiFi).

-Your computer must have a WiFi card.

-Virtual Router software, this software you can download here:

The steps turn computers into WiFi transmitter

Step 1: Check the Internet connection on your computer, check the WiFi card module has been activated.

You make to try some websites look good connections to the Internet have not. Then check the WiFi card module in the following order: Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings, if you have not enabled WiFi card turned up by right-clicking on the icon and choose Enable WiFi card.

Step 2: Install the Virtual Router software downloaded above.

Step 3: Run the Virtual Router software, the interface as shown below:

Perform set some parameters as follows:
Network Name (SSID): WiFi network name you want the computer to emit.
Password: Password generated WiFi network.
Shared Connection: select the Internet to the computer you are currently using.
After setup is complete, click Start Virtual Router and check WiFi networks around you will see the network name your appear. The devices connected to the network will be controlled in the box information Connected Peers.

Then, click "start virtual router".
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