In a number of network devices such as wifi router, modem wifi, wifi 3g ... usually recorded in the same sticker as or address ... So this is what the address , it means how in the installation and use of network equipment. is a common IP address used by several vendors of routers as a default address for the router in the network. It Allow you to enter your ADSL modem's management panel.

Ip adress 192.168.ll address management is the control panel of your ADSL modem. Companies worldwide production of modem devices to download software updates to it so it will be easy to manage. With this software, you can change the organization and establish new settings whenever you want by accessing the control panel to manage their own, whenever they come across problems connecting.

How to login the IP address

Step 1: Open a web browser, type address into the tool bar, this is the default address of TP-Link Wireless Router and press "go"

Note: If the address is not accessible, please check your computer's IP address or IP address reconfiguration
Step 2: Enter Username, Password. And click "ok"

What to do if you have forgotten your username or password to your router?

If you can not remember your username or password, it really is the only way that simple.The reset your router to factory settings, hold the reset button for 20 seconds, waiting for electricity, WLAN and Internet lights to activate. It will be a success.
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